Why recycle?

With AMR, recycling is earth-friendly in more ways than one

Metal recycling is the ultimate recycling process, because everything is eventually turned into a new product.

Green facilities

Our scrapyards are designed to minimize impact to ground soil: We do all of our recycling on top of impermeable concrete surfaces.

And we're always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint. Our transportation fleet uses earth-friendly, high-miles-to-the-gallon bio-diesel, and we've managed to cut our emissions by 40-50 percent by carefully managing our routes so we run our trucks loaded both ways. Dad would've been especially proud of that.

Reuse it as-is

At AMR, we know it's even better if we can recycle your item as-is.

That's why we sell most of the tires we accept for re-use as tires. And we donate a good many of them to Wheels for Warmth. That Central Vermont charity re-sells them with proceeds supporting the Central Vermont Community Action Council's emergency and supplemental fuel assistance program to help residents on fixed incomes and with limited resources with home heating fuel.

We drain all gasoline from junk cars we recycle and re-use it. Used waste oil gets converted to heating oil.

Employees, too

AMR even recycles employees: More than a couple of people who started out working for our father have returned to work for us years down the road.