Catalytic converters

The secret is the platinum

Catalytic what?

Catalytic converters first started commonly appearing on vehicles in the mid-1970s. They're emission control devices that help neutralize toxic chemicals that're the natural by-product of internal combustion engines.

Key components of any "cat" or "catcon," as we call them, are platinum, rhodium and titanium. That means when your cat has reached the end of its useful life, you can cash in by recycling it and reclaiming that precious metal.

AMR will buy your old catcons for a fair price — keeping that heavy metal out of the environment and putting some extra green in your pocket.

What's a catalytic converter worth?

It depends. (Don't you love that?)

Generally speaking, AMR will buy your old cats for $5-150 a piece.

Here's the thing: The size of your catalytic converter isn't necessarily the thing that determines its value. Smaller cats might actually have more platinum in them, so be worth more than larger ones.

Not to worry: The catcon experts at AMR can determine what your devices are worth in a second. Just drop by one of our facilities.

AMR maintains direct relationships with the mills that process used catcons. We deal directly with the refiners to get you top dollar.

And keep in mind that cars aren't the only place where you might find a catcon: Just about anything with an engine might have one — trucks, buses, motorcycles, forklifts, airplanes ... you name it.

How does it work?

Bring us your used cats and we'll take them off your hands with instant payment.

Pick-up service available for commercial customers.

Honesty and integrity

AMR knows catalytic converters inside and out. We'll take the time to explain to you the exact type of cat you have, what it's worth and why. That's something you don't find very often with the other guys.

Our reputation speaks for itself: No matter what you recycle with AMR, you'll get top dollar.