Let us take it down and clean it up

If it's gotta come down, you gotta call AMR. Truth is: Tearing stuff apart is kinda fun. And it can pay off well for you.

Net gain

Once we demolish your structure, we'll haul off the pieces and parts, paying you top dollar for your metals.

Some AMR customers contract for demolition and end up paying nothing for the service, after selling us their scrap metals. Some even make a little money when all is said and done. Sweet.

What we do

When it comes to demo jobs — like everything AMR does — no job is too big or too small.

Watch AMR's Demolition Video

We offer top to bottom demolition services; hauling services, including rolloff or tractor trailer; containers; interior demolition; on-site shearing; property clean-up services; and concrete and wood recycling options.

Spick and span

Tearing stuff down is only half the job: Clean-up is the other half. AMR is famous for leaving their demo sites in tip-top shape. It's the Golden Rule of demo: Treat the site like it was your own.

Hazardous materials no problem

Plenty of demolition jobs result in hazardous material that needs to be disposed of in a safe, responsible manner. AMR can arrange the logistics of hazardous materials abatement. With AMR it's truly one-stop shopping, and a whole lot less hassle for you.

Preferred pricing pays off for you

AMR's been working in the Northern New England demolition field for decades. And we've built a lot of valuable relationships along the way.

As a result, we've earned preferred pricing for landfill disposal ... and we pass those savings on to you. Just one of many reasons to come to AMR when it's time for demolition.

Get started now

AMR is fully-insured and happy to provide you with a free quote or site audit for your demo job. Get in touch today.